Bubbly in Blue // Blue Homecoming Dresses

After doing the Pretty in Pink long homecoming dresses post, I've decided to flaunt another homecoming dresses collection and share to you these fabulous pieces from ihomecoming. You can bookmark this post for future references if there are pieces that you find fabulous and you like them very much.

On top of my list of favorites in ihomecoming's Blue Homecoming Dresses at Ihomecoming collection is this mermaid-like gown. I love how the colors from the same spectrum of blue blended so well in this dress. The bottom part is so pretty that it makes me feel (i'm imaging myself wearing this mermaid-like dress) like a mermaid attending a party (a ball, prom, etc.) under the sea! So wonderful :">

And if I don't feel like wearing a long mermaid gown, I think this will be a fabulous alternative to that as this short blue dress still reminds me of the ocean, and of the mermaids.

Another homecoming dress I like is this. I'm a fairytale-dreamer so I find this really pretty! It seems like Prince Charming is about to appear any minute now!~

Very dreamy... stunning... and fabulous! Do I have to say more?

Feeling like a diva? like a superstar? Or would you like to be the star of the night? Then this royal blue long gown is perfect for you! I'm so loving the intricate silver details!

And of course, there are wonderful pieces with darling designs for plus-size women out there too! Everyone has a chance to look fabulous ... of all shapes and sizes... So I find it amazing that ihomecoming considers this.

And aside from these fabulous dresses found at the shop, they also offer a wide range of products which are all very lovely by the way, including these blue homecoming dresses!

Check out http://www.ihomecoming.com/ for more designs!

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  1. Beautiful dresses! I love them all!

  2. I love the look of the flouncy short blue ruffle mermaid dress in the third photo and the long layered blue-green chiffon ball gown with embellished bodice in the fourth photo is gorgeous! ihomecoming.com carries beautiful dresses.


  3. Such beautiful blue dresses, perfect for homecoming
    Keep in touch

  4. the 4th one from the top is the prettiest dear! :)


  5. love all of the dress <3