"She Believed She Could So She Did" Wall Art Product Review from Farmhouse Printables

If there's a quote I'd like to live by, it's definitely this one.

"She believed she could so she did"

I'm not sure why but it really captured my heart. Somehow, the words push me to work hard, do whatever I need to do so I can climb up the highest ladder of achievements. What better way to remind me this especially during times of downfall and failure than to see it all the time and have it hanged on my wall. This way, I'll be able to push myself, exceed my limitations and be inspired. :"3

The print, if you're interested, is available as an instant download. You can purchase it here. You can also visit the Farmhouse Printables on etsy for more lovely and amazing prints!

Anyway, on to my thoughts about the print.
I love how the words, "she believed she could so she did" were placed in a white transparent circle in a floral background. It makes the whole appearance whimsical and lovely. And do take note that I love things that connect with the words whimsical and lovely. <3 The print when placed in a white frame, as seen on the product photo, is perfect for minimalist rooms. It will also be perfect for shabby chic-themed spaces. All in all, I think this print is flexible and can be placed anywhere, may it be residential or commercial.

For me, Jess (the owner of Farmhouse Printables) is one creative gal! I love all her designs. Once I'm on her etsy shop, I feel as if I am in a Vintage paradise but with a modern twist!

So what's the story behind this inspiring wall art?

"Since I was little I have always loved having motivational quotes, and more so, quotes inspiring girls and women. This has always been a go for me, and I hope it will help inspire someone else out there. I also have a LOVE for vintage floral patterns. Whether its on a top, curtain, baking dish, or art print, I gotta have it! So this print is a great mix of those things :)"
-Jessica, owner of Farmhouse Printables

Jess surely did inspire girls and women, and probably everyone too, of all types of gender; and I am one of them. Anyway, I printed the digital file I got in a cardstock on a high quality printer to get the best result.

To be honest, if I have a coffee shop or a patisserie, I'd definitely hang this on my shop's wall. Or perhaps, in the near future, I'll use this in my ballet school to encourage my future ballerina students! :")

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  1. it looks absolutely lovely...I agree with everything you said...and I too love things with a vintage feel to them!


    1. Thank you Ivana! :) I'm glad you love this print from farmhouse printables! <3

  2. I love the vintage-country look of this. I feel the white picket fences! lol :P
    xo, Pau

    1. i'm glad you do! i felt the fences too through the print. hihi :D