BROTHERLY LOVE: Happy birthday to us little brother!

Happy 21st birthday to me and happy 15th birthday little brother! I love you sooooo much! "Ate" is always here for you... kahit ano man yan. I love love love love you bunso! haha =D I wish you all the best in life. May you reach all your dreams. Pero tandaan mo, ikot-ikutin man ang mundo, ikaw pa din ang baby brother namin ni Jude. hahaha! mwaaah! :-x

(photo taken today)

I turned 21 today. My brother will turn 15 tomorrow. :) Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! I will blog about my bday outfit, our bday celebration, and all the other backlogs soon. For now, I shall work on my thesis and meet deadlines. Thesis consultation tomorrow and YFC meeting.

For the meantime, join the party and win some stuff here. haha.
Take care and keep on dreaming dreamers! DREAM BIG! <3

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  1. Happy Birthday Rae.... and a happy birthday to your brother too ;-)

  2. Happy birthday Rae. :)

  3. Happy Birthday :))

  4. And also a happy birthday to him! :-)

    Have a fantastic day,

  5. yay! ikaw naman ang may birthday! hehe.. happy birthday Rae!
    stay such a fun and cool blogger! CHOS! :)