(CLOSED) June 2014 Giveaway

Hello dreamers! I know that I have announced at the beginning of this year that I will try to host a giveaway every month. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do that because I haven't posted any giveaway for 3 months! I was actually planning on hosting a big one for the summer but I have sponsors who backed-out. Apparently, they can't wait and can't understand that I am such a busy bee. :( But still, something's cooking up and I am preparing something special for you! So always visit my blog to find out what~

Anyway, here is a little giveaway for this month! I am promoting my etsy shop and my art so I am giving away a Php 500.00 Coupon (about $11) for you to use and shop at my etsy shop! I know it's not much but you can actually already purchase a bunch of 4" by 6" prints (postcards), ACEOs, downloadables, and other paper goodies on my shop with that. The shipping fee is not included in the coupon but I must say, shipping fee is really cheap because I snail mail them. For my fellow Filipinos, you'll only pay Php 12.00 while for my international readers, you'll only pay Php 40.00 (about $0.91). 

-this giveaway will run from today, June 18,2014 and will end by the end of this month.
-please don't follow then unfollow after the giveaway has ended. that's just so rude! :(
-please do all the mandatory rules or else i have to choose another winner if you win and did not follow the mandatory rules.

Now, all you have to do is enter through the rafflecopter below. Good luck dreamers!

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  1. name Karin Shaim
    email cookiesmasher5@yahoo.com

  2. I love the design the most since pink is one of my favorite colors :D

  3. thank you for dropping by my site.
    done joining! anyways, i like your art works. they're great! hoping to win.
    hope you could give a favor by checking my site and follow me here : http://momvsbabyjourney.blogspot.com


  4. Good luck to everyone who enters... I hope you have an amazing day today :)

    Thank you so much for you very kind and sweet comment on my blog... :)

  5. Good morning! How lovely to see you came by and commented on my post. YOU look as if you'd enjoy Scarlet Pink magazine! Please check us out on Facebook:


    It is a magazine celebrating artists like YOU and their life stories. Lifestyle and inspirational living is the foundation of this fun magazine that for which I've had the honor of writing. COme on by! Anita

  6. Nice giveaway. Thank you so much for hosting it.

  7. Great giveaway
    { http://something-over.blogspot.pt/ }

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Your artwork is lovely, you're very talented!

  9. Myriam Bén Nsir