Every time I see a letter addressed to me in our mailbox, my happiness cannot be described! :"> Call it old-fashioned but I swear I love this so much! How I wish that snail mail is the only way of communication in our generation today. But if that really is the case, then I will not have this blog. hahaha :S But whatever, I love snail mail!

No letter will beat the happiness I felt upon receiving this letter. :"> It's my very first letter from my very first penpal, Maria, from Ukraine! She's an awesome photographer! Love this photo she sent me!~

I received this letter last year pa by the way. :)

So kawaii (cute)! Love all the little goodies and trinkets! Haven't drank the tea yet though 'cause I'm still looking for that perfect moment to drink it! :3 I am so sentimental this way. =)

A lovely card from my classmate and friend, Haze. She sent this when she was in Taiwan! :)

A very special letter from my Interior Designer-author friend, Mrs. Charlotte Brown of Interior Design It Yourself. I really love the York Minster coaster!~ 

(See my book reviews for the Interior-Design-It-Yourself books here. If you want to purchase the books, go here.)

I love writing letters and I love receiving them! And if you do too, let's be penpals! <3
Let me know at :D

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  1. You get beautiful snail mail! When I get pretty mail like that of course I save it, but figuring out a good place to keep them where I can find them and look at them when I want is difficult - I haven't figured that out yet. I love the image for Raellarina's Mailbox! Your hair-band is pretty and the kittens with hairbows are super cute.

  2. I agree. I love getting letters in the mail :)
    the way to my Hart

  3. I think the letter I sent you must be lost. :( Lately nothing I mail to Asia reaches the recipients...but I'll try to send you another envelope full of goodies sometime soon! xoxo

    1. awww. :( this is that one thing I hate about snail mail. Lost letters :((( I wish we can track it though. Thank you Sarah! Too bad the letter got lost :|

  4. I haven't gotten a real letter in forever

  5. I miss snail mail too... but hand writing has nearly become a lost art...

    I think it is way more personal, I plan to write one at the end of the month to my very best friend and surprise them... it will be their birthday too... I hope they will cherish it knowing it is coming from my heart :)

    1. It really is becoming a lost art which is very unfortunate. But as long as there are people like us, I'm sure it will not die down! :"> I am so glad that you are planning to write one too. I'm pretty sure your best friend will appreciate it because things made from the heart are always touching :")

  6. cute post! i always love getting letters in the mail too. i had a pen pal for years when i was younger!