(CLOSED) March Giveaway: Raellarina x Berricle

Hello dreamers! :) For this month's giveaway, I'll be giving away a 30% coupon care of  Berricle! woohoo!

BERRICLE.com is an online jewelry purveyor founded in 2006 with the mission to become the premier web-based destination for shoppers seeking affordable yet elegant sterling silver, gold and Cubic Zirconia jewelry of the highest craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. Formerly known as NewOutlet.com, company website was changed to BERRICLE.com in 2011.

Berricle is not a Greek name or a person's name. They love a berry fruit so much that they named their company Berricle. A very delicious name indeed. :))

Now that you know a little something about this amazing online shop, let's go to the details of this giveaway! hoooray!~

A few notes:
**This is open to US residents only.
**This giveaway is valid from March 24, 2014 to March 31, 2014, so you have one week to join and gather as much entry as possible.
**Don't cheat! I double check everything!
**Please don't follow and unfollow accounts afterwards because that is just super rude!

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  1. I'm not entering (so you don't have to waste time checking) but every piece of jewelry in the images above is beautiful! I love the key necklace, the green stone surrounded by Cubic Zirconias, the guitar necklace, the light blue stone in the silver ring with Cubic Zirconias and the heart bracelet. They're all lovely.


  2. Name: Harlynn
    E-mail: mindyourmadness@gmail.com

    Thanks for the giveaway!! c: