I Finally Entered Camp Half-Blood

Hello dreamers! As I am working on this post, I am rendering my fashion museum lobby perspective which is due tomorrow. Anyway, I read Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief last December while I was staying at my grandmother's house. I finished it on the last day of 2012 then immediately watched the movie adaptation. And to be honest, I was greatly disappointed with the movie.

I was seriously very attached with the book because it was really amazing! And I was quite ecstatic to see my imagination come to life but unfortunately, the movie was so different from the book so if ever you haven't read or watched it yet, i suggest that you only choose one so you'll not be disappointed like me.

I was looking forward to see Ares in the movie but apparently, he was not included. I don't want to be a spoiler so I will not differentiate the book and the movie so much. But if you'll ask me, I prefer the book over the movie.

BUT. I do love the ending of the movie though ---- waaay better than the book. :)

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  1. RaeAbigael, I always have to choose one of the other, I don't like the disappointment, the movie cannot live up to my imagination :)

  2. Thanks for your opinions but usally the books are always best of a film!

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  3. I liked the first movie but have not seen the 2nd yet

  4. I never see this movie but I want to discover it :)

  5. Great movie <3
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  6. I've noticed that if I have read the book and have watched the movie after, the book will always be better <3

  7. Mmm... I didn't watch the movie, and after your review, and although you loved the end... I don't think I will... but the book seems to be good! denisesplanet com