“TANGLAW” Christmas Exhibit Opening

It was Tuesday, on the 10th day of December, when the stardust sprinkled all over Beato Angelico Gallery and out in the open it spread!~ All the ache, sweat, and wounds, as well as the happiness, laughter, and love we shared was all worth the experience as we, the 3rd year UST Interior Design students batch 2013-2014, created lanterns which would help the Yolanda (Haiayan) Victims. To be able to use our talents and skills to help build our nation is the greatest feeling I the world.

The opening was held at the Beato Angelico Gallery at 6 in the evening. I invited my mom and dad. :”)

This year’s exhibit was very different from the past exhibits as we were the first batch to do a fund-raising one. Honestly, my heart was torn into bits when I found out that we will not be doing the usual Interior exhibit which involves “INTERIOR”. :”< But no hard feelings as “TANGLAW” will help save lives.

It was so overwhelming that the Lanterns are sold out already and it happened in just a week. Unfortunately, our exhibit is already done so I can no longer promote it. We all thought that it will be opened until the 20th but our exhibit head asked us to uninstall everything so boohoo. :P Still, I hope you can drop by at UST because it’s really pretty at night with all the lights~ ^^)

TANGLAW: A Ray of Light for Christmas
Dec.10 – 20, 2013
Beato Angelico Main Gallery, Beato Angelico Building; UST

Next post is about my outfit so watch out!~

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