Have you ever dreamed of going to a real tea party where the beauty of delicacy, daintiness and elegance will be relived in a 21st century? Well, I do. And I have always dreamed of the prospect of experiencing one of my own in the future.

Phoebe is a green kitty cat whose fur is as green as the grass whose unique capabilities extraordinarily overpowers the cuteness of all kitty cats. But with all that cuteness hides this one fact: she once struggled to fit in. Eventually, she decided to not try to fit in because she realized that she was born to stand out. ;D

She’s looking for a new mommy (or a daddy… or both) who can adopt her with all the love in this world. Buy the print now on my etsy shop! :”3

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  1. Oh sweety! Phoebe was the name of my botfriend's kitty! It was a gift from me, but she's dead last year, after 15 years..! :( All so nice and your drawings are beautiful! :D

    1. awwww. so awesome how my illustration made you reminisce your boyfriend's kitty. but really sorry that she's dead now. :(( anyway, thanks a lot dear! :D

  2. Love the whimsical feel of these, Rae!

    Italy is such a beautiful country and each city is so unique. I would like to save up to visit other parts of Italy in future. You could do it too! If you love architecture and art, you would definitely love Europe.