Mermaid Hair

A mermaid hair is long, curly/wavy, shiny, and astonishingly soft! It also looks good when wet. 

Maintaining it takes a lot of discipline and patience as most people are not born with it! Fortunately, I need not to go to salons in order to have a mermaid hair because I was born with it! Truth be told, I had rough years especially when I was a kid because most girls have straight hair and this type of hair was usually overlooked! It’s only now that I realized how lucky I am especially because I get lots of compliment for my natural curls!

As you can see, these photos were taken right after I woke up! This is my morning hair and I actually find it more beautiful than my normal, regular hair after it is fixed. Weird but true. Well, it wasn’t easy looking for ways on how to maintain it but after years and years of dealing and accepting my natural hair, I found ways and also learned to love my hair thanks to the Memaids, and to Taylor Swift!

I understand that not all is as lucky as me to have a hair as unique as a mermaid! So, here are some ways on how to get a mermaid hair:

1.       If you’re born with natural curls, then you’re lucky! All you have to do is to just let it grow 
for one to two years or more and ignore hair brushes. Instead, use wide-toothed combs, 
fro-combs or your fingers and just comb your hair once after taking a bath!! You can even 
consider not combing it to get pretty curls!
2.       If your hair is straight, then I suggest that you consider perming it. Do keep in mind that you must 
take good care of it because a mermaid hair is healthy and soft.
3.       If you don’t want to perm your hair, or if you just want to have a mermaid hair for a day, then do 
check-out ate kisty’stutorial on how to have a mermaid hair.
4.       You can also consider a 24 inch clip in hair extensions to achieve numerous glamorous 
lengths and textures and add thickness and volume to thin hair. With it, colors and streaks 
can be achieved as well to get that mermaid hair without harmful chemical processes.
5.       Mermaid hair is stunningly colorful so do consider dying your hair in red, orange, pink, green, 
or blue! You can either dye your whole hair, or just highlights and streaks, or just the bottom 
part of your hair.
6.       Mermaid hair is healthy and soft so do take care of yours. Wash your hair everyday but don’t 
use shampoo every single day. Instead, switch to conditioner. It will soften your hair and will 
make your curls bouncy.

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  1. Thanks for your suggestions, little mermaid :) Your hairs are wonderful, my friend :) Kisses and hugs :)

  2. I don't have mermaid hair. But when I was younger, I had something other than straight. Frizzy would be the only term to define my locks back then. Haha. Rebonding was my solution. I don't think curly hair would look good on me, either. I'm not a mermaid. More of a creepy fairy or Alice. :D

  3. Man, I would conquer the world with a hair like that :D It's amazing ^_^ You're so lucky to have it!

  4. i love your natural curls )
    it really looks like mermaid hair :)


  5. Os meus são ondulados, mas não tenho muita paciência para deixar crescer!

  6. I love curly hair on girls, especially if red!

  7. Wow you hair are amazing, so unique! I always wish I had hair like you <3

  8. You have beautiful hair! It does take a lot of effort to maintain long hair! :D

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    cassandra xx

  9. You look absolutely good with this hair. Don't need to be anyone else.
    I like your flower crown too =)

  10. I like the title of the post! I like the hair as well!