BOOK REVIEW: Interior Design It Yourself -Volume II: Room by Room

“Make your house into a happy home!” – Charlotte Brown

The second installment of Charlotte Brown’s exquisite Interior Design It Yourself book tackles about interior design room by room. After learning the basics, and the tricks and secrets of Interior Design in volume 1, you can now make your design well-suited to its purpose in this volume!

As an Interior Design student, I already set my mind in making my clients to always feel at home and help them design their dreams; make their house into something not just captivating for showing-off to people but very homely as well to make them feel that they really do own the space! And after reading Volume 2, I realized a lot which affected my way of thinking in designing… in a good way! I strongly presume that I’ll still be reading this book when I work with my clients in the near future because I want to design spaces as if they are my own.

I take the liberty that this book is in a well-organized manner which is extremely helpful especially for those who are not really good in designing. It’s well-written that anyone will find this easy to follow! It has decorating tips, layouts, points/factors to consider, right colors to use and what colors to avoid in every room in the house!

Small spaces are dreadful especially when homeowners acquire a lot of possessions. But with this book, you’ll learn how to maximize a space and also learn how to make a small space appear larger. In this book, you’ll also learn how to color-wash on wood and create a distressed wood effect. You’ll discover a lot of easy-to-do styles and designs for the main rooms of the house plus find practical solutions to make the most of each and every room in your house.

This indeed, is a definite must-have for home-making addicts and DIYers! It’s also a great guide for Interior Designers! So what are you waiting for?!! Grab your copies here!

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  1. this book must be really interesting, I would like to read it!

    1. cool! thanks! yes please, read it! you'll love it :D

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