Review: Scissors Connector Ring by efoxcity

I'm obsessed with accessories that have unique designs. And this scissors connector ring from efoxcity is the perfect example for it! I chose this because (1) it's a statement maker (2) i'm a rocker-goth chic most of the time, and (3) this is so unique and my heart fell in love with it right after I laid an eye on it.

 The package arrived to me earlier than what I expected. Because you see, I was also waiting for another package from a different online store which I picked earlier than this. And until now, it's still not with me. :( If you want to know what online store is that, you can send me a private message.

Anyway, the packaging of efoxcity is safe. It's wrapped in bubble wrap! The only downside I see in their packaging is that, I hope they'll include a card or a logo of their shop.

This is a connector ring and it's adjustable. Very convenient for everybody because you can adjust the rings so it could fit in your fingers.

 The size for me is perfect. It occupies my four fingers which I like so much. :)

 It looks sharp and dangerous at first glance but...

It's not sharp! and definitely not dangerous. :)

This is a conversation-maker because I wore this for a day and everyone around me kept asking about my ring! They were like, "Ang galing ng singsing mo ah!" "Hey! Is that a pair of scissors in your fingers?" "Can I borrow it?" "Can I touch it?" "Pwede 'to ipangsaksak sa holdaper!" and so much more! hahaha. When I went to the post office to receive this, the worker there was like, "Oh. sasaksakin mo ba ako?" hahaha.

The only thing that I'm complaining about this ring is that, the gold fades too quickly. My hands are a bit sweaty and I wore this only for a day yet right now, it's a bit black and it's losing it's color. :( But I guess it's just me because like what I've said, my hands sweat easily.

Generally, this scissors connector ring is worth buying and worth showing off to the world! It's cheap yet it looks very elegant and expensive!

P.S. Outfit post tomorrow featuring this! :)))

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  1. ay cute! pero scary para sa mga taong takot sa matatalas :)

    from Myxilog with love <3

  2. super rad ring!!!! xxx

  3. loves it!

    best wishes

  4. Love the ring! really cool

  5. I have the same ring >< it's unique, isn't it?

    oh by the way I'm your new follower, wanna do the same? :)
    Pinky Promise

  6. haha it is great!:D
    would you like to follow each other?:)


  8. wow!
    that is such a fab find.


    keyti of brushesandpens

  9. So cool! It really does look sharp! =)

  10. Pretty cool! Thanks for the review. =0)
    Now a GFC follower.