You Shoot Me Down, But I Won't Fall

This outfit was inspired by Becca of Pitch Perfect. :) I wore this last Feb.8 at the YFC-UST's G.L.O.W. ( variety show yan guys.) My friend, Allen, told me I look like a goth and that made me happy because I really wanted to be a goth that day! mehe~ Anyway, I watched Pitch Perfect a few days before that day so I still had a hang-over from the movie and truth be told, I was in love with Becca's fashion!

 (Wearing: DIY detachable collar| Kicks Rubber shoes| small shop cropped top| Mom's black tank top| local shop black fitted jeans| cross connector ring c/o Rings and Tings| Handmade bow bangle c/o Milky Meadow| Watch from USA| Bracelets from Japan| My brother's backpack)

Hype my look here.

It's so wonderful how a detachable collar can do magic! Gave my outfit a lot of oomph! :))

This handmade bow bangle is available at Milky Meadow! I'm so flattered with how so many people liked it. =D

Annnnndddd.... I used this cross-connector ring again from Rings & Tings because it suits any outfit! I'm telling you now that I'll use this over and over because I really love it! :))

Photo credits: Divine Aquino :))

After the show, I ate dinner with my fellow YFCs! Every late dinner is enjoyable as long as I have Juno, Leo, Mike and other people to go home with because I'm seriously frightened to commute alone at night (and my parents don't want me to go home alone at night). haha!

Ang sweet niyo lang. Thank you Juno (not included in the photo above) sa pagsabay sa akin sa 2nd jeep kahit na di yun ang sinasakyan mo. Thank you Leo (also not in the photo) sa pagbaba sa taxi para lang itawid ako. :") Thank you Mike (not in the photo as well) sa pang-aasar sakin kay Ivan! parati akong kinikilig. hahaha. Ang effort niyo mga pare! Sobrang thank you talaga! =D I seriously can't go home without you. HAHAHAHA.

Excuse my tagalog international readers. But if you're curious with what I was talking about, well it was just a short message for my friends. But if you really wanna know what it was, go google translate it! LOL.

Anyway, before I end this post, I'm leaving you with Titatnium ^^) First is this very controversial? bathroom scene from Pitch Perfect. HAHA.

And here's the original one. Have fun singing-along with it! :))

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  1. oh my! YFC ka din pala! :))) I used to be Senior Sister back then! Go West B! :)))) I love Pitch Perfect too, everybody in the house that includes my two brothers, we're all gaga over that movie and the theme songs :)))) Love the collar and the shoes dear! :D hope we'll be in touch more since our school not far from each other :")

    1. OMG!!! di na tayo nag-abot? :( sayang. haha. GO WEST B! :D pero isang beses pa lang ako umattend sa West B. Pinagdance nila ako. haha. Ang cool naman! My brothers were really addicted too especially with Becca's audition.. the cup thingy. hehe. annndddd wait. where do you study ba? hope we can meet each other in person soon! :DD

    2. Yeah sure, you can call me Ate El, para unique hehe :p I'm from FEU-East Asia :))) sana nga soon! tapos picture picture for our blog :") walking distance lang :D

    3. tamaaaa!!! picture picture din! hihi. :"">

  2. I'm happy that you've fun!! :D Congratulations, your outfit is soooooo cute! :D Kisses, princess :)

  3. Congratulation. Your Outfit is fantastic, i Love your bag

  4. Oh you look so cute! ^^ I'm following you on GFC, hope you will follow me back (:

    ♥♥♥ from

  5. Love your shoes !!

    NEW POST! I wait you ;) Kiss kiss :*

  6. Thanks to your title, I got that song stuck back in my head :) You look fantastic :) Thanks for the email, I haven't had time to have a more detailed look and reply. Will get to it though asap.

    x Angie

    1. hahaha! sorry for that dear. lol. everytime I see this post I sing Titanium too. mehe~ Thank youuuu! can't wait for the feature! hihi.

  7. you look so pretty!
    Emma xx

  8. Amazing pics dear!!! Cute style too!!!

    *See you soon on my blog.
    Fanny J. ABSOmarilyn | The Marilyn Monroe of 21st century

  9. cool outfit dear! maybe we could follow each other?! It would be a pleasure for me :) big kisses


  10. Thank you for the visit :) Really nice pictures!
    Love your hair.

  11. Me gusta tu estilo y tu blog!
    Asi que te parece si nos seguimos?
    Besotes de Marian del blog

  12. Hey Rae...!!
    You look very pretty in here!! Love the entire ensemble... <3
    Thanx for visiting my blog...
    We can follow each other if you are interested!! Lemme know... :)