Wrapped in shadows like moth-wings, like rose petals

Happy Valentine's Day darlings! ----- more like, "Happy Single Awareness day!" LOL. I'm still waiting for my Peter Pan to step into my life so playing dress-up was what I did. :"3

Pink is my favorite color and I know you can tell based on my blog. haha! And that's what I love about Valentine's Day! ---- Plus the sweets, heart-shaped stuff, teddy bears, flowers and the love being shared to everyone! :"">

Somehow, I still managed to look like a mori girl even without the layering! I still look like I live in the forest. aheee~ Do you agree? ^^)

Wearing this DIY "Garden in a lace" bracelet-slash-wrap-around headband I did a few months ago!

These flower clip and cute, pink earrings my cousin gave me traveled all the way from Japan! :)) Thanks Tia! :""3

And another DIY on me! Check-out my DIY detachable lace collar! (Excuse my sweat. It's scorching hot here in the Philippines!)

This belt was from Singapore! :"3 I really love it! It looks like I'm wearing two belts when in fact, it's just one! I also love the color combination. :))

Vintage Top and socks| Giordano Kids shorts| J.Jill shoes| DIY bracelet and detachable lace collar| Flower clip and Earrings from Japan| Belt from Singapore

Vintage pink socks!! :)) It once belonged to my mom. She used it every time she wore her pink boots. Unfortunately, the boots were not saved so I only have these socks. And if I'm not mistaken, these were bought from the states by my grandpa many years ago~

So there you have it! Happy Valentine's Day and keep sharing the love to the world!! :"">

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  1. I love the top that you're wearing, it's very elegant. Hope you had a nice day yesterday!

    Breathe Me

  2. Awww this is such a sweet Valentines look! The lace collar is so pretty, and the ankle socks look BOOM :)
    Betti xx

  3. you're wearing quite a number of DIY pieces there, very creative!

    Thirdbite | style blog

  4. Lovely look. Love those details !


  5. Hey dear, Happy Valentines! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Actually, I followed you. Would you mind checking my blog again and follow me, too? I’ll be glad.

    XX, IamJenniya

  6. Hello happy valentines! dear! your so cute! i already make a post for your question! haha i hope you like it! mwah!

  7. awwwh thanks for inviting me to your giveaway!
    happy valentines day to you too!!

  8. hey, oh wow we like your blog, would you like follow eachother? we starts and follow you on gfc and bloglovin! please do the same, hugs the twins from wmw-style.de

  9. cute flower pin <3

    happy belated valentine's day anyway!

  10. Lovely Valentine's day in pink Rae! :)

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  11. You are so skinny! You
    look lovely c: xx

  12. You look very pretty. Pink is my favorite color too. I love your blouse.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  13. Happy Valentine's Day! I am sure you will find your Mister Right soon! Your outfit is very cute!

    ♥ Sunny ♥ von STYLESPHERE

  14. Happy Valentine's Day dear ^^ I love your DIY <3


  15. I love the shorts and the belt! soooo pretty! :)