One thing I regret about leaving tumblr and transferring here in blogspot is the tumblr ask. I seriously miss interacting with my readers and blogger friends! But other than that, I'm happily expressing my weirdness here. ehe. I'm still on tumblr though, but I turned it into a photo blog and a reblog blog.

So anyway, that's the reason why I came up with this post! Every now and then, I'll be doing this kind of post to answer questions and share my knowledge. I actually considered making an but I'm afraid no one will bother to ask me. haha. I have a formspring though. :) So anyhow, ask away darlings or just message me in the comment box! :D
Hi dear! thanks for dropping by my blog! Actually, 24 is very late to start taking ballet lessons unless you tried gymnastics / taekwondo / figure skating/ etc.. It is very advisable to start learning ballet at a young age (I started at the age of 4). It's because ballet is a form of dance wherein one's body needs to be disciplined and be molded into what people see on stage. But you know what, if you're really willing to learn, then I suggest you give it a go even if your ballet mates would be younger than you. Try inquiring at ballet schools. Good Luck! Let me know how it will turn out =))

Oh hello! Yay! thank youuuu! I hope I can be friends with your daughter! :D I'm a frustrated fashion designer so I really wish her lots of luck and success! I hope everything will turn out well for her. :))

 Harruuuuuu dear! mehe. I'm so happy that I found a fellow ballerina here! :)) I'm not Japanese. Too bad though, but I want to. hehe. I'm a Filipina! A tineee winsy bitty Chinese and Spanish as well. But seriously, only a few drips of Chinese-Spanish blood flows inside me. haha! I have Japanese relatives. One of my cousins is a singer-dancer (more of a boyband member) there. Maybe you know him? TJ Maeda? haha! :))

You are so sweet! Thank you so much dear! Keep coming back to my blog! hihi :"">

Hi! Thank you so much!! I'm flattered. heee. :"> Anyway, I haven't seen Tom Hanks' Splash. :( The only movies and series I've seen were Little Mermaid (movie and series), Aquamarine, H2O, and a few more which I can no longer remember. haha. But basically, the only ones I've seen were the "new movies" so, YAY!! Thanks for telling me about this! I'll definitely include it in my list of movies to watch. Thank youuu! =)))

 Hello there! thank you so much! :)) Good luck in studying Interior Design! It's really fun! I'm sure you'll enjoy it especially because you really love it :D Let me know once you're studying! feel free to ask me for advice. hihi :))

awww. thanks dear! I'm in love with your blog as well! :"3  Thanks for fanning and hyping my looks on fb! super flattered. :") I'm currently on hiatus with my ballet lessons. I have to make way for college. :((( I really really miss it too! So I joined a dance ministry in my school and they allow me to dance ballet sometimes. hehe. I hope you can go back to dancing as well! I'm pretty sure that you've felt something unexplainable everytime you dance ballet right? :))) And wooohoo! yeeep! I agree! Toe shoes will always be the prettiest shoes in the whole wide universe! :DD


Q: Did you perm your hair?
A BIG NOOOOOOOPE! :)) My hair has been like this ever since I got out of my mother's tummy! :"3

Q: How do you maintain your hair?
Actually, I've been getting this question over and over so I'm in process of doing a blog post for this. So please wait. hihi :))

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  1. ohhh deaaar~~ thanks so much for replying it in a post~~~ I love this kind of post, really~ it's so inspiring. Feel like making a post like this too (bcuz of you) hehehe. And yay for toe shoes! I want to buy a pair for myself just because I really love it, my old toe shoes has already worn out and my feet are too big for them now hahaha... <3

    1. awwwww. yehey!! :"") yes, I hope you could do something like this too! :)) Let me know when you buy a new pair! hihi :"3

  2. This is a great post, I love the ask me box on tumblr! I hope you have a great day doll xx

    1. thanks doll! yes, one of the reasons to love tumblr. hehe. Have a great day too! :))

  3. Hi, great post, I follow you, you want to follow my blog?

    a post very cheerful!!

  4. i always wanted to change my blog to tumblr!! well great post and thankx so much for ur lovely comment on my blog

  5. Hey, great idea to answer the questions of your readers. it's pretty nice that you try to get in touch with everybody. :)
    and yes - I will tell you if I achieve my goal to become a student of interior design. ;)

  6. I love the idea of a post like this and have considered kind of doing the same on my own blog. I can't wait to see how it works for you. :)

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights