The Boy with the Soulful Voice

I've never published my poems here in my blog because it's a bit embarrassing for me though I had some of them published in my old school newspaper back in High School. haha! But you see, I dream of becoming like Emily Dickinson or Shakespeare in a way but I know that I'm not that great in this field! I was not accepted in the Thomasian Writer's Guild when I auditioned. And this poem was rejected to be published in a book! :( But anyhow, I'm sharing this to you guys because I want you to see my inner and weird self. I also painted something recently for this poem as seen above. Plus, I dream of being published in the future so here you go! ehe~

By Rae Abigael Caacbay

Strong winds whispering in my ears,
Dark and cold days filled in my years.
Longing insidiously to see that boy with the soulful voice,
With pointed toes I would twirl and fly if I have a choice.

Thwarten my hopes and dreams were,
on your first time stepping on my country.
You coming back after a year and 6 months I care,
Seeing you for the first time made me weary.

This feeling I had, a thousand words can't explain
With you, forever I want to be chained.
There's a reason why I'm madly inlove with you,
But nobody can explain it, even I and that's true.

In heaven I am that night,
Hearing nothing but your soulful voice.
I'm holding your hand so tight,
Don't want to let it go until forever.

You staring at me, my whole being was frozen and melted.
Meeting you for the first time I was enchanted.
You're the kind of guy I'm longing ever since the dawn of time,
Wish it never ended, Oh boy I really love you!

If you're a long-time reader of my blog, you'll know that this boy I'm talking about is David Archuleta. haha. yes. This was the moment when I first met him. :) Anyway, thanks a lot for reading! 
Have a nice day! ^^)

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  1. Replies
    1. awww. thank you sooo much dear! I'm happy. :"">

  2. Awww don't be embarrassed about
    your writings! Your poem is
    really beautiful, I can tell
    you how genuine you are!
    I love that gif. image of the
    ballet! So beautiful c:


    1. Hello dear! you are so sweet! thank youuuu soooo much! so happy! hihi. thank youu! I'm glad you love my gif! :D

  3. nice blog !

  4. Cool post and lovely blog! What about following each other?

  5. hi sweetie...
    i love poem too.
    and those words are definitely beautiful.


  6. You are really artistic Rae! I've been detaching myself from the world of poetry eheheheh ... I dunno, some sad pasts hehe. But I love how you really go write! So cute it's for David. LOL. :)

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    1. Hihi. thank you so much ate chai! yesyes. for David!! haha. :)) sayang naman di ka na nag-susulat. :(

  7. It's great! Don't stop trying and you'll get it!