How To Dress Like A Lolita Girl

I've always dreamed of becoming a princess and dressing up like a lolita girl is the closest thing to it. I love their appearance because it's so lovely and it seems like they stepped out from their castles to explore our world!

So, how do you dress up like a lolita girl? You can go all-out or just be simple with this list!

1. A Lolita Girl loves to wear dresses. They secretly wear their favorite dresses around the house when left alone.

Who says wedding dresses are for weddings only? With efoxcity's affordable wedding dresses plus a few little tricks, you'll surely look like a lolita girl! Pair it up with cute hair bows or a laced headband, layer the dress with a black cardigan or a long vest, wear beaded or laced detachable collar, and wear printed white stockings over loafer heels and voila! You'll look something like this:

(photo from KERA Magazine, Dec.2012 issue)

2. Has a romantic view of Paris, from the sprawling graveyards to Laduree's macarons. And has always wanted to visit European castles or Versailles.

 photo source: 1, 2

Alright, this has nothing to do with dressing up but this is so like me! Also, I think that you'll be very inspired and you'll somehow feel what they feel with this information!

3. Has an unusual interest in graffiti, graveyards, or abandoned places.

You can browse at efoxcity's cheap clothes online for men for awesome prints! I wear boy shirts and add girly pieces. You can do that too to achieve a lolita look. Jackets work well too! :)

4. Always wants her whites to match.


I went through efoxcity, a shop where you can buy cheap clothes online and I found these fabulous whites! Just be creative and resourceful to achieve a Lolita look. Use skirts, petticoats, laced tights, etc. Mixing and matching is always the key :)

source: 1, 2, 3

5. Loves to collect socks, different bows and weird-shaped purses, even the impractical ones that don't fit anything.

And that makes a Lolit:a Girl super cute! :)

P.S.  I'm not an expert when it comes to Lolita Fashion but I just adore them so I did a little research for this post! :)

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  2. So cool doll, love that!! It's so cool how they dress, so pretty xx

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    1. yes! super! Too bad though, I haven't tried dressing up like them :(

  3. thank you for visiting my blog dear ^_^
    I love lolita fashion.
    I sometimes wear in a gothic or punk lolita.

    1. awwww. So jealous! I've never tried dressing up like this! :( But I like meeting real-life lolitas! hehe :">

  4. the cutest thing about lolita is their hair i think xD

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  7. Wow! Beautiful :)

  8. this post is amazing, love lolita girls!

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  9. Lolita fashion is cool! As I go to cosplay conventions, I've really wanted to dress up Lolita-ish somehow hehe. Cute! Great picks also from efoxcity! :)

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  14. I love the star-shaped bag! Haha. I am fascinated with Japanese fashion but I don't see myself wearing them since I don't see myself as the cute one. But I like the great tips. Maybe I can try it out with a blogger spin :) LOL!


  15. I love G-LOL and EGA styles.
    Used to have many clothes like that for the festivals :)
    Still do have some :P