2013 Resolutions

January is about to end but it's just now that I've finally finished my New Year's Resolutions. I have more actually but it's a bit personal. Anyway, I'm not really a firm believer of resolutions because I haven't achieved my past lists but I've come to a realization that I want my life to be more interesting and I don't want to miss my chances so here's a list of the things I wish to do more of:

1. Stretch myself everyday and be more flexible.

Ever since I stopped taking ballet lessons, I became less flexible. :( But it's a surprise how I can still do a split even after almost 3 years! So anyway, I guess it's time to stretch myself again and be super flexible! I know that I'll be back in ballet so better prepare myself. Exercise din ito! I wake up at 12 noon kasi so I don't have time for this. But I'll try to do this even if it means stretching before sleeping. :)

2. Read more books.

I bought only a few books last 2012 because I only read a few. :( I'll try to read 3-6 books a month and be the "bookworm me" like back when I was in High School.

3. Familiarize myself in my future industry.

I think it's time to feed my brain with information regarding the "world of Interior Design". I'll try my best to read more Interior Design magazines, study construction terms, familiarize myself with people in this industry, etc.

4. Learn to manage my time.

I like writing to do lists but I never follow everything. I always end up cramming which also reflects in my blog! :( I definitely need to change this.

5. Design every week, then Design everyday!

I must develop my skills because I want to be the best. enough said. :)))

6. Write more.

Ever since I entered college, I haven't written as much poems/ stories/ articles as I used to. I really miss doing it.

7. Write a book.

I know that I'm an unpublished writer but at my age, I should write something now so it will be published in the future! :) 

 So that's just about it. I'm still painting and revamping my clothes. haha. I'm working on my online shop and I really hope to launch it on February! Also, I'm making my 2013 bucket list and I'll probably be updating my life's bucket list. And I think you should do the same. ehe~ Have an awesome and fabulous week guys! :"3

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  1. promised myself to read more books, too! :)
    greetings from Poland!

  2. I support you in your dreams my dear! Good luck! :)
    Keep it up! Be flexible! :)

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  3. awesome blog you have here. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment. New follower :)


  4. Great resolutions, take them one step at a time and don't be too hard on yourself, don't push it because that's when things don't work.

    I made a list last year and it gave me so much satisfaction in the end. I'm just delaying in making this one this year, I should though.

    I really like your blog btw and we have quite a lot in common. Are you interested in following each other. Let me know so I can follow you back.

    Breahte Me

  5. I barely read any books last year

  6. Great resolutions! I keep telling myself every year that I want to read more books but it's so hard to find the time to dedicate to a novel. Hopefully I'll be able to this year. Good luck with all of yours! :)


    1. thanks! I know what you're saying! haha. that's why I read books at night (midnight 'til dawn.) lol.

  7. wow these are such great resolutions! :) many of mine are the same!

  8. Thank you for your comment! I buy my washi tapes from Korean stationery shops and at my local craft stores. I have so many, sometimes I go overboard. ;)

  9. Love your blog. I'm going to show it to my daughter. She has alot in common with you - ballet, DIY, fashion, art. She is studying fashion at uni - starts in a fews weeks.

  10. Its good to have some resolutions! Hopefully this will be the year that you complete them!!


  11. Write a book! That's a big one, but I'm sure you can make it happen!

    Thanks for the comment, by the way. Would you like to follow each other? Let me know so I can follow you back, dear!


  12. These are great resolutions, I hope you reach them all xx

  13. Hi dear, i enjoyed reading through your inspiring resolutions, I hope you achieve them all!

  14. Nice resolutions, I'm also trying to write my own book. :D


  15. Thanks for you're comment! I just discover your blog and I'm following U now!

  16. those are great resolutions.! I need to work on stretching daily too and ohh writing a novel would be nice! I wish I could do that, but I suck at writting!
    Good luck!

    I Follow you now by the way!
    If you have time could you check out/ follow my blog too?

  17. I could definitely take some ideas from your resolution (especially updating my life's bucket list)~ c: Thanks for sharing!

  18. Good luck with your resolutions. We fairly have the same but I love that you're wanting to make a book! That's awesome. Keep inspired!! <3