The Six Faces of a Flower Child x Giveaway Winners

Kiss me in the milky moonlight~

Ohhhh. I'm still in Cloud 9 and still kinikilig!! Heeeeeee.
Eh kasi naman eh. :""""""> Last Thursday, Dec.6,2012, everything seemed to fall into place. Like, seriously, return to UST, Daddy's phone call to me, late dinner with fellow YFC members, the super heavy traffic, and and.... heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Finally had a real and personal conversation with my crush. Sabay pa kaming umuwi! (We went home together!) Not alone together but at least, he finally knows me. HAHA. But I guess he already does 'cause he was like "Ikaw pala yun. May kamuka ka kasi sa building namin. kala ko ikaw. Binabati ko tuloy." Not the exact words but close enough. hahahahaha. Wishing that he'll not stumble upon my blog and read this. LOL. In fact, everybody knows that I like him with HIM as an exception. haha!

Alright! So in other news, I'm finally announcing the winners of my giveaways! wooohooo! *happy dance*

The winner of the first part of my giveaway series is... *drum rooooolllll please*

 And the Part 2 winners are......

Congratulations girls!! :) Please wait for my email.
And thanks so much to all those who joined! Until the next one! hehe~

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  1. yay for walk with crush. even i didnt know what he said xD plus nice hair crown, it looks cute with your hair :D
    congrats to the winners ^^

    visit my blog ^^

    1. hahaha! Thanks Inge :) I'll go to your blog and translate it. mehe ;D

  2. Congrats to the winners! :)
    I'm happy too that things are going right with you. :)

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