Even After All This Time

After 6 months of hybernating, I finally decided to come out of my secret cocoon! I think I've developed into a really pretty butterfly. No, seriously. hahahaha.It was last November 22 that I've finally decided to visit  my second family, the YFC-UST. Honestly, my real intention that day was to meet my fellow David fan, Ate Jessa, to bond, catch up and get some stuff from her. Then go to UST to fix some papers and then watch a play directed by my high school friend and attend the YFC Worship afterwards. But everything turned out differently as soon as my foot reached the 3rd floor of the TYK building.

Louie was the very first person who saw me arrive and he was like, "RAAAAEEEE!!! RAAAEEEEE!!! RAAAEEEE!!!" So then I was like, "LOOUUIIIIEEE!!!! LOOUUIIIIEEE!!!! LOOUUIIIIEEE!!!!" Then we exchanged hugs like one of us was imprisoned for 20 years!! haha.

Then Allen was next and we hugged so tight that I literally was off the ground!! No kidding! Too bad though, I wasn't able to get my photo taken with him that day. haha. grabe, sobrang namiss ko talaga siya!

Everybody in YFC greeted me like Louie and Allen so I'm not writing every detail anymore 'cause I might bore you but I do want you to notice how much they love me there because I want to make a point here
. haha. Anyway, isn't Theo so cute? hihi. I missed him so much. I missed dancing with him, ate Sher, and the whole dance ministry!

I don't know these girls. hahaha. seriously.

And this is Epz. Our college head. (Am I saying it right? *face palm*)

One thing great about YFC aside from serving God is that, I get to meet new friends! And this feeling they give me is just priceless! :) Ang sarap sa puso. naks! haha.

Say hello to my new friends!! Chealsy and Arkhei (I'm inventing the spelling.lol). Well, except for Clau (the pretty short-haired girl on my left and your right). I've known her since last year. ehe~  Chealsy and Arkhei are a bit shy I guess but I know that they'll soon grow out of it as the years go by. haha. Man, I feel so old especially because I'm not wearing our uniform. haha. And because of the fact that I am indeed 2-3 years older than them. oh noes. -.-

This is Paulo. Super nice and sweet guy! He's amazing with the camera and all those creative techie stuff explaining why he's in CFAD (College of Fine Arts and Design) and in the creatives ministry. I saw the VTR he did for an event a few days ago when we (I don't know most of those members actually) were locked out from the org room and it was ahhh-mazing! :)

When I first met Clark at the Liveloud concert, I thought he was this super laid-back guy. But after a year, it turned out that he wasn't! haha. Sobrang makulit!

And if you put as together, you'll feel like you're in Korea! AHAHAHAHAHA.

I don't have a decent group picture. huhuhu. Everything was blurry but I decided to post them anyway because I love them so much and I just have to have a group picture in this post!

And here is Clark once again trying on different head accesories (WHUT?!) hahaha. Everything seems so bagay to him. agree? (:

We ate dinner before doing the household and yes, it was my first ever household with the YFC-CFAD because I usually have it with the YFC dance ministry and I've never seen so many CFAD people so I was extremely happy! I'll blog about it in my next post :)

I seriously feel blessed and loved that day. Never had an actual conversation with people for about 6 months!! Spent lots of time with my best friend Divine too. But the thing is, the reason why I'm extremely overwhelmed with the YFC is because if you'll compare them with my blockmates, they're waaaay better. They actually accept me for who I am and I don't have to change myself to fit in. If they don't like something about me, they'll talk me out of it and not just back-stab me. They'll help me change for the better rather than say mean stuff about me.

When I went to my building to ask on how I'll file my leave of absence, my other friends made me go up to my block's classroom because they were like, "sige na Rae. gusto ka rin naman nilang makita eh." So then I did and while I was there, it felt like something from the movies where a mosquito was buzzing because the moment was super awkward. Do you get me? Only a few greeted me and smiled. They were my friends. But most of them just stared at me and ignored. No hello's, no hi's, nor hugs. Felt like I was a stranger really. So yea, I guess most people hate me. haha. But I won't let them keep me from playing the game. I'll just let them do their thing. I guess cyber bullying does exist. At least I have you guys right?

So anyway, see the difference? Thanks YFC! I feel so loved. I love you :))
This is my most personal post ever. I really don't like to share something personal to the world but I guess I just wanted to feel better.

P.S. I'll try to choose the winners of my giveaway series next week! Have a nice week everyone! :)

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  1. Looks like you had tons of fun! Great to see all the smiling faces:)


  2. Nice photos;)


  3. You look so happy in these photos!!!! I'm happy for you too!!! So cute!!!! *.*


  4. love the hat dear :D


  5. :))))It should be friends ...
    Greetings from Polish

  6. Awww it's ok Rae! Thanks for sharing! I'm actually glad you shared this. Happy to see good friends and bond with them. It's always fun to be around good peeps.. Actually this made me reminisce my UST days *sigh* Always feel blessed and stay happy!

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    1. awww. Thanks Ate Chai! :) I'm glad I brought you back some memories. hihi. Sayang lang, di tayo nag-abot sa UST. haha.

      Stay Happy too! God Bless! =)

  7. nice pictures! friends ♥

    Nathália • Fashion Jacket

  8. Following your blog *-*



  9. everyone look so happy! nice photo and i have to say that your blog is very postivE!

    1. Hooray! I'm so glad you find my blog very positive. Thank you! I'm happy to spread the positive vibes. hehe~

  10. Thank you so much! Thanks for visiting mine as well :)

  11. Beautiful pictures.Thanks for your coment. We follow you. Kisses from Spain.