Photo Diary: October 2012

 Went to Neverland with Peter Pan. haha :)

 Spent my afternoons and evenings painting as usual.

So many birthdays this month! 

 I rummaged through my grandma's cabinets and look what I found!! woohoo! helllooo vintage clothes! :)

Saw my baby clothes and I was a bit nostalgic. hehe

The Jonas Brothers visited the Philippines and did a concert. This was my entry for the free tickets but unfortunately, I didn't win. T__T Too bad though, I badly want to watch their concert! They were my childhood crushes. haha :)))

Spent a day at the cemetery with my family and relatives both living and those who are now with our creator. (will blog about this soon!)

Went to Tagaytay (Blog Post coming soon)

I just got back from vacation yesterday! Did you guys miss me? haha! Will blog about everything really soon! I have so many backlogs! :/

Anyway, my October was not as good as my September but it wasn't really that bad. During the first three weeks, my best friends were the watercolor, paintbrush, DVD & TV, scissors, camera and the internet! I was just painting, doing arts and crafts, watching movies, taking photos of my boring life and blogging them! I wasn't even able to see the Jonas Brothers live in concert! boohoo :( But on the second to the last week of this month, my tita (aunt) in Japan arrived and that's where all the happiness started! hahaha. chocolates... JAPANESE FOOD... Tagaytay Vacation... and so much more! Yay! ^___^

I have a feeling that November is gonna flush a lot of good news! :"">

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  1. Replies
    1. yeaaahhhhh. I'm really sad about that. huhu. T__T lol. :)

  2. I haven't much from the jonas bros since one of them got married.

    1. Haha! But I'm glad it was Kevin who got married. He's the least Jonas that I like. mehe~

  3. Why are you so good at drawing?? Ugh, I'm jealous (can you tell?)
    The baby shoes are so cute!

    1. Hello Bethan! I am? awww. thank you so much! I'm just trying my best to express myself through art. Try practicing everyday! hehe :) Take care!