Photo Diary: September 2012

photo from Palladium

(Trishie Couture Launching and Bloom Arts Posts are to follow. hehe)

September had been very good to me. It opened so many doors and gave me tons of opportunities to showcase my God-given gifts! I had a photoshoot, and a fashion show which I truly enjoyed! My blog is also getting so much love --- new readers and paid collaborations! Woohooo! Thank you! :)

Sometimes, we desire for so many things that we tend to forget how lucky we are. We are so focused on achieving this and getting that, that we don't get satisfied with ourselves so we ask for more. This is the sad reality. :( But as for me, I know that I'm lucky and I'm really thankful for that even if I face huge problems in life.

I hope my October would be as good as this month! :))
How was your September?

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  1. Nice shots! Keep up the ballet moves! Stay sweet and cool! :)
    More photos! Next time, Mori shots! :)


    1. Thank you Chai! :))) Heeee. yes, definitely! more Mori shots next time! :) Have a fun-filled October! :"3

  2. Beautiful photos, I enjoyed these so much :) x

  3. Looks fantastic, and I love your blog! visit your sweet post and do comment my post , would be great to follow each other back as I have followed u :) xx

    Follow link here :

    1. Yay! I'm glad you love my blog! thank youuu! :)) I'll visit your blog. :3

  4. that's life..there are blessings and there are is up to you to choose where you'll give your attention..;)good vibes this october ..;)

    do you mind following each other?

  5. I love your adorable ballerina notebook. Keep up the good work! Thanks for stopping by.