Bloom Arts Festival

Exactly one week ago, September 29, was the much-awaited Bloom Arts Festival! I was so thrilled for this event so just imagine my excitement during the morning. :"> Allow me to show you why I was extremely happy and inspired this night by bombarding you with photos!

Finally saw Valerie Chua's paintings in person! yay! I'm a huge fan and I regularly read her blog so I was very inspired when I finally had a glimpse of her incredible technique in painting! :D Too bad though, she was not there when I visited. T____T

Post Cards! :">

I love Heima's Ceiling.

Most of the paintings and artworks were exhibited at Heima! You guys all know that this is my favorite store and Design Firm ever! woohoooo! Because aside from being founded by a fellow Thomasian named Rossy Yabut, this store is very quirky, young and just beautiful! It definitely embodies the girly girl youth and the young at heart.

I was really ecstatic to see and feel Heima's products with my own eyes and hands! haha. I usually brag about Heima online so seriously, I'm just so happy. hehe~

Surprisingly, I saw my High School Friend, Paul Baltazar, who's really good at ink sketching! Hello Paul! You're now in my blog. haha.

Very interesting shop. Too bad I left my wallet at home. :((

Artists Painting at the event! (So sad I wasn't able to see the finished ones :( My mom was a bit bored na because it was getting late) So anyhow, I found & grabbed photos from so here you go. haha.

My mom and I went thrift shopping because THERE WAS A THRIFT STORE AT CUBAO- EXPO SO WOOOHOOOO! hahaha. And after going around the different shops, we headed home na. :)

Super love Cubao-X :)) It was my first time to go there. It's definitely an artist and fashionista's paradise! Ohmgee! :) BTW, my mom kept saying that the paintings were creepy just like my works and most people there daw are weird just like me! hihi. I'm sharing this because I like how she sees me and I take this as a compliment --- Because I refuse to be normal. hahaha.

Anyway, the very first Bloom Arts Festival was a success! Can't wait for next year?! AND I WISH TO BE A PART OF THIS BIG EVENT in the future! I've always dreamed of getting my artworks exhibited! :D

Do check-out these sites for more amazing photos:

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  2. i love art exhibition! nice photos and art things!
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    1. yay! I'm glad you love them! Art makes the world go round. hihi~

  3. these are cool! hope I can visit art exhibit also.. tehee.. :)

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  6. Great post !

    Really great art work there !

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  7. I wish I can visit an exhibit like that. You're mom is partially right in saying that the paintings are creepy, although I don't think "creepy" is the right word for it.

    1. I guess your right. But I like the "creepiness" of the art pieces though. I find them amusing! hee~

  8. I loved the show ... thanks for vsita, I'm following here!!xoxo

  9. awww I've always been a fan of art exhibits! everytime I watch such event, it takes me few hours before getting out from location(depende rin sa rami ng art items).. hehe.. the paintings put in the chair were the cutest! :)

  10. Wow! I want those Wes Anderson Pics! xx

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  12. Wow! Those are nice paintings! =)

  13. Cool paintings! I wish I could have gone there.