Marrying my Dreams x Giveaway Winners

Be devoted and be focused on the things you love. The only way to live in your dreams is to chase after them and never give-up even if the whole world stops you.

My first Pen and Ink Art Piece! Yay! What do you guys think?

Alrightyyy, so anyway, here are the winners of my Post-Birthday Giveaway featuring Hodge Podge!
a Rafflecopter giveaway Congratulations!! :)))  Woohoo! Wait for my tweet/ email dearies! \(^o^)/
And don't forget to drop by at Hodge Podge's booth at the La Feria on the 28th! :)))

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  1. Yey! :) I haven't receive any DM or emails pa po :)Will wait for it. Thank you so much Ü

    1. Hi! yes, you won but I checked out your entries and hindi mo ginawa lahat though clinick mo yung enter :(( so I have to disqualify you and choose another winner. Sinabi ko yun sa giveaway eh. T__T sayang. :(