This is just a simple outfit I wore to my Adobe Photoshop, Correl Draw and other Graphics Art stuff training. I really wanted to dress-up like a girl from out of this world (the usual) but my dad told me to dress-down. boohoo. And these photos are edited because like what I've said, I was on photoshop training.

And that's my best friend, Harry Potter! Well, we're both not wearing our robes and as you can see, he's still wearing something neutral and I'm not. haha! An oh, Ron just arrived. :))))

But I couldn't resist dressing up so I wore my *favorite* vest from Genevieve Gozum over my Apple & Eve Purple Top which I wore a few weeks ago in my "Mockingjay Outfit Post". It's okay to repeat clothes, especially if you don't have a walk-in, mall-like closet like London Tipton of Zack and Cody and Mia of Princess Diaries! haha! Just remember to style it differently :)

I finally got an owl necklace, huge thank you to Ms. Kathy of Isotopes Manila!
I've been longing for this ever since I was in High School so I was really overwhelmed that she allowed me to choose it. Check the other neckpieces on Isotopes Manila which will surely give life to a boring outfit!

Woopsie. The necklace turned around. hehe.
Also, got a glimpse of my t-square behind the door? hahaha.

Purple Top: Apple & Eve
High-cut sneakers
Owl Necklace: c/o Isotopes Manila
Vest: Genevieve Gozum
White Belt: Mom's closet

P.S. An owlery is the place in Hogwarts where the students keep their owls. (Potterhead term. haha)

It's great, beat the Monster to win cash credits every day. Come on, xoxo!

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  1. Love the necklace & I love Harry Potter :) x

    1. @The Danity Dolls House -Hooray! Another Potterhead! heehee. Thanks dear :*

  2. Hi dear! :) It's me Ate Kai of www.kaigrafia.com :)
    I truly appreciate your dropping by my site! Thanks :)) Keep blogging!

  3. yay love the editing! :))

    rebecca x

    1. @ScatterrBrained - awww Thank you so much Rebecca!

  4. Cute necklace! :)


  5. You are so funny, my friend Harry Potter. I like what you are wearing, perfect for a casual outfit, I love the pants with that belt <3

    I followed, please try to follow back at http://allofthatgoodstuff.blogspot.ca/

    1. @Neche - Thank you dear! hahaha. I'm glad I made you laugh. heehee :D

  6. Hey potterhead!xo
    Great post!

    Thanks for dropping by:)

    Shubhi's Revels!

  7. I have nominated you for the Blog Award. Check it out on my blog. xx