Modern-Day Cinderella

Once upon a time, in a far far away land, there lived a girl named Rae Abigael along with her wicked stepmother and two ugly step sisters. Rae Abigael was beautiful and graceful, and loved to dance ballet but her step sisters envy her so much that they persuaded their mom to make Rae do all the work at the Diner so that she can't dance.

One day, joyful celebration fills the city. David James, the singer-dancer and very good-looking heartthrob will not only just celebrate his 22nd birthday but he will also choose his dance partner for the most famous Dance Sport Competition in the far far away land.

On the 28th of December, girls everywhere were preparing except for Rae Abigael because she was working at the Diner for she was forbidden by her stepmother to go to the party.

Thanks to her first fairy godmother, she's now wearing this elegant and sophisticated black gown and black dancing shoes.

To complete the fairy tale, her 2nd fairy godmother, Isotopes Manila,sent her a collar with necktie necklace! (Thank you so much Ms.Kathy for this wonderful necklace! I love it to bits and pieces!! It was my first time to wear such an elegant necklace and I can't believe that this little piece is such a great statement! You guys must visit their facebook page and check-out all their stunning neckpieces! You'll love everything for sure!)

See the bracelet? Rae's 3rd fairy godmother, cutey, sent her this cute Oneiroi Charm bracelet all the way from UK! :D (Huge thank you to cutey for my 2nd bracelet . [Hope it's not the last. hihi] I love the design and so does my mom but I do hope that it's adjustable so it can fit all body types, but all in all, cutey's bracelets are indeed cute and classy!)

And so the party begins! Rae Abigael walked down the stairs and all eyes were on her because she was stunning! Huge thanks to her fairy godmothers! *wink* David James, struggling with so many lousy and trying hard dancers-wanna-be, let go of Rae's stepsister (whom she was dancing with) and went immediately to her and asked her to dance.

On the dance floor, Rae & David were on fire in dancing the Tango. They do have a chemistry and they look good together! David found out that Rae was a ballet dancer. They were having a good time but then the clock strikes 12 and Rae ran as fast as she can because she needs to go back to the diner. She left the collar with necktie necklace from Isotopes Manila and David picked it up. David was sad because he wasn't able to get her number nor know her name. All he had was the fabulous necklace.

The next day, David searched for the girl he danced with. So many girls lined up and danced with the pointeshoes on but nobody was as graceful as Rae and the necklace doesn't fit to anybody.

(this photo is from this post.)

After one week, David, hopeless in finding the girl, ate dinner with his friends at the diner where Rae was working. It was friday, meaning it was performance night. The band was already on the stage. The lights were turned off. Then the music started to play.Spotlight on a girl with pointes on. The music was the very same music that David & Rae danced with. The girl with the pointes on danced ballet in that fast music but still remains graceful. David walked to the girl and took her hand and told her if they could tango. And so they did because people wanted them to. David felt like he was on the dance floor one week ago. =) After the dance, David asked Rae to be her dance partner and he put the necklace around Rae's neck.

And they lived happily ever after!

Well, they won the competition and they became boyfriend and girlfriend so yeah, they lived happily ever after. haha!

Black Gown
Shoes: My Waltz-Tango dancing shoes
Necklace: c/o Isotopes Manila
Bracelet: c/o cutey

P.S. Thanks for reading my story! I wanted it to be long with deep vocabulary but then I remembered that I'm not writing a novel! hahaha :))

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