BOOK REVIEW: Interior Design It Yourself (V.1) Back to Basics

"Using your existing belongings helps your house to become a home - and helps your interior design ideas to reflect your own life and personality." 
Charlotte Brown

Have you ever dreamed of living in a luxurious, elegant, and paradise-like place yet you don't have enough budget to hire a professional interior designer? Well, say hello to your dream house because with Charlotte Brown's first volume of Interior Design it yourself - Back to Basics, anything is possible in designing even if you're not that creative and artistic!

As an Interior Design student, I learned a lot in reading this book. I had so many queries before but they were not answered for they were not taught in my design school. You'll just learn it along the way. So I've been hungry for knowledge yet I can't find the right books to feed my design brain and heart. But then I read this and everything seemed like magic because most of my design queries were finally answered in this hundred page book!

Here, you'll be able to understand color psychology - its meanings and the tricks it has to offer. Personally,I find the chapter about colors very helpful for I finally delved deeper into its meanings. In this book, you'll also learn the perfect room proportion secrets, how to layout your furniture, how to make mood boards and sample boards, how to budget ideas, the inexpensive decorating ideas, how to combine patterns, how to clean your clutter, the tricks in using texture and so much more! Standard measurements are also written here. And what's really great is that, Charlotte Brown is a real-life Interior Designer meaning, you'll be in a designer's shoes but it won't be difficult because she made it easy for you to follow! :)

The order of works is also included in this book and I think that this is very important because you'll save a lot ---- from money to your precious time! And as for me, I'll use this in the future when I'll be doing actual projects and not just plates and on papers. (;

Honestly, I'm very disappointed with myself because I haven't read this as early as in my first year! If only I found out about this great book back then, then maybe I didn't struggle that much in design school and I could be the talk of the school because of my immeasurable skills and knowledge at first year! haha =D But I can't bring back the past that's why I'm sharing this to everyone.

I love this book from cover to cover and the fact that Charlotte Brown and I have the same perspective on how to decorate homes is just incredibly fantastic! Just like her, when I design residences, I make sure that it would be a place where my clients would want to spend time in. I want it to be a place where they can express themselves and not just impress.

I consider this book as one of the great contributions in the Interior Design world because this will help not just Interior Designers and students like me but many common people as well which means the Interior Design community is being made popular and hopefully, it will inspire many people. (:

Take a peek on what's inside Volume I here and be sure to check Charlotte Brown's books here and order! This is just the start of a great design adventure because volumes II - III are available and I'm gonna read them now!

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