Beauty and Madness

Ta-daaaaahhhh! Here's a new outfit post to open my birthday month, July! :D
I wore this  13 days ago at the SM Mall of Asia when we had a special family dinner at the Super Bowl of China. It was special because we spent time with my J-Pop cousin, TJ Maeda.

Special Thanks to my UP Law student cousin for giving me this floral dress. I really love it.

The vest was a Christmas present from my aunt so I never knew where she bought it. haha. But anyway, I really love the asymmetrical shape of this vest. It's so pretty, comfy and I can layer it up with anything from my closet including my uniform! :)

We also went to the prism plaza where it was so windy that I must hold my curly hair or else it would go ballistic! hahaha. But unfortunately, my camera battery died so we weren't able to take a lot of photos.

I was planning to post photos on how fun this night was but unfortunately, my camera battery died during the dinner at Super Bowl and my relatives who took some photos haven't uploaded them yet so, this blog post is short. haha :/

I'll probably try to blog about them when the photos are up just for my pleasure. :)

And to end my first ever outfit post for the month of July (I started blogging last November only), say hello to my ex, Richard Gutierrez! hahaha. :)

Floral Dress: from my UP Law Student Cousin (Yes, I just have to mention that)
Vest: Christmas Present from my Aunt
Flats: Mom's closet
Mustache Ring Connector
Anklet: Bought in Aklan
Black Stud Earrings
Butterfly Earrings: Handmade / DIY
Handbag-slash-shoulder bag

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  5. cool anklet!

  6. Pretty dress