6 Decorating Tips for Your In-Home Mirrors


6 Decorating Tips for Your In-Home Mirrors 

There are many decorative tips and tricks one can do with mirrors. In this post, we will look at the best way to utilize mirrors in your home. While mirrors are a highly functional piece of home décor, there are many ways to expand their functionality, while expanding the beauty in your home.

  1. Mirrored Art Collection

One thing you can do if you have an art collection, is to place your mirror directly across from your pieces of art. While it might not look like you own your very own museum, it does add an effect of an art gallery to your walls. In the above photo, you can see how the mirror placement results in the pictures and art being reflected on the wall. Two Mona Lisa’s are better than one.

     2. Create the Effect of Another Window

If your home does not get as much sunlight as you would like, place a mirror directly across from a window. This will give the effect of having a second window in your room, and a brighter room is a more spacious-looking room. This tip is very useful in smaller studio apartments and condos that don’t make the most of natural light, while extending reality.

(photo 1 | 2)

3. Go Floral

Getting the mirror is one thing, but deciding what to place in front of it is another. Often times a floral arrangement, or another piece of decorative art in front of the mirror will add a beautiful touch to your room. This is especially important when hanging a mirror above your fireplace mantel. Decorative mirrors work best with floral. 

   4. Going Full Length, Without The Installation

One thing you may not be up for is having a wall mirror custom installed into your home. This will involve having a custom-fitted mirror installed by a glass and mirror company’s installers. If you’re not looking for that kind of hassle, consider a very large, decorative wall mirror. If you go big enough, you can simply lean it up against the wall.

(photo1 | photo2)

5. Do It Yourself!

Do It Yourself verses Buy it Like Everyone Else. Here’s an example of nearly identical mirrors. Can you guess which one cost $25 to make and the other is a several hundred dollar designer mirror? They’re both trendy and will add uniqueness to your room. And the good thing about doing it yourself aside from saving money is that you’re the designer. Make it your own.

   6. Double the Size of a Room

Mirrors can also be used to double the size of a room. A wall-length mirror placed at the end of room will double its perceived space. This may require a custom mirrored wall installation, but the results will make your space look twice as roomy.

Lastly, think outside the box. Glass and mirror companies can now do custom-cut mirrors. This means in any geometric shape you can think of. Mirrors can be cut to any template; this means you can truly have a one of a kind mirror piece in your home.

About the Author

Shahab Shokouhi is a Writer at Dulles Glass and Mirror -- a manufacturer of commercial and residential glass products including tempered glass, replacement glass, and shower doors.

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