Shabby Chic Chair

Shabby Chic is a style that a lot of people strive to achieve, but to get the look right you need quality pieces that stand the test of time, great design and a keen eye so you don’t overdo the look. It’s about the aged distressed look and accessories which really set it off. You’re looking for that particular piece of furniture which has an antique look about it but also a soft feminine charm.

Shabby Chic creates a beautiful feel in the house, and is ideal for creating the aged feel in cottage or country homes. It’s such a timeless style to create and simple to do.  Creating overall elegance throughout the home without going over the top. With pieces that are handmade and distressed using a range of techniques to make these pieces look like they’ve been loved and around for a long time and will be around for a while in your home. Read more here.

Remember number 9 in this post?  Well, i'm thinking that i might transform an old chair into a shabby chic design because ever since i studied Shabby Chic, i fell in love with it immediately. heeee. i'm super excited! yay!~ =3

try to be creative this summer too!

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