Hunger Games Tribute Tower Chairs

Phillips Collection's Seatbelt chairs, constructed of hand-weaved industrial seat belt material over a wooden frame, appear in this spring's hot movie The Hunger Games.

Call it weird but, I do have an eye of an eagle when it comes to the furniture pieces 
and the interiors featured in movies. I always notice these things... kind of funny really.

Anyway, when i was watching THE HUNGER GAMES movie, i can't help myself but notice
the marvelous whimsical lime green Tribute Tower Chairs that they used as Dining Chairs!
They were really marvelous and eye-catching!
The unique design was really fascinating and i just can't get it off my mind!

Upon arriving at the Capital, Katniss Everdeen is shown to her penthouse suite where she'll stay the few days prior to the Games. A lingering camera reveals images of a spacious room decorated with brightly colored modern furnishings set against dark metal colored walls and floor. Among the furniture was a set of Phillips Collection Seatbelt dining chairs in green arranged around a table.

Mandy Hayden, lead designer at Phillips Collection, said the company was unaware its Seatbelt chairs would be in the movie until about three weeks before its release.

"We got a call from one of our customers telling us," Hayden said. "Apparently, our customer's son was reading a copy of the book with pictures from the movie in it, and they saw our chairs in one of the pictures."

Hayden traced the chairs' purchase to designer Margaret Hungerford (seriously), who was working for Ludus Productions, based in Concord, N.C. According to The New York Times, Margaret Hungerford has also worked in various set and costume design positions on other movies including Minority Report, Leatherheads and Contagion.

FUN FACT: The Hunger Games was filmed entirely in North Carolina, according to The Washington Post.

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And look! It's also available in pink. Really cute huh? :))

These seat belt chairs are just fantastic! I would definitely want to use them in my designs soon! :">

They will soon be available in Pure Home so watch out! yay! Ü

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  4. WANT. Not coz I like the way they look, but just coz they were in The Hunger Games. :p

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  6. That's a pretty and unique chair! I love the one in pink!

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  7. that is one hell of a talent, dear!
    the chair is quite epic!

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  8. OMGGG! Art doing!<3 I love the pink one!<3 Aaaah, I hope, are they avaible in Indonesia? I think, I will tell my parents<3:D
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    1. Hello Ruth! :)) I'm not sure if it's available in Indonesia but i'm sure shipping is an option for you. hihi :))

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