i was able to watch this competition last year. i was super fascinated! Never thought that i'd be part of this competition. It was my first time to compete with other dance genre and not ballet. I am really thankful that i met Ali at YFC and we became dance partners in just a snap! He's a hip hop dancer. we're really opposites in erms of dancing but i'm glad we clicked! t's like, The Ballerina meets the Hip hop Dancer. almost a month-long practice! (unlike the other couples who trained 2 months ahead than us.) Nag-enjoy ako pati parents ko! =)) We ended up as the 5TH RUNNER-UP in the 2-dance Standard. i was disappointed and sad at first bt my parents were really proud and also the people around me so the disappointment faded. Even though we didn't end up to be the champion, we still felt like one with all the compliments we received! mostly, "Akala ko kayo mag-chachampion?!! bakit ganon?!!" =)

I'll flood you guys with photos! yaaaay!

WE'RE 58 ;)

At the holding room...

This is my mommy! =))


Competition Proper....  
(It was awesome that we made it to the Semi-Finals and Finals!!)


(please ignore the oiliness and sweat of my face. haha ;|)

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  1. This is great congratulations! Hope you can check out my blog too.

    I'm already following yours.


    and the ones with some of my Ballet stuff (but I haven't added so much. Got an injury when I was 23, I'm 25 now and stopped ballet. but the recent pictures inside the blog was when I was 24 just last year) =)