The Lazy Song

i was invited to dance for West B's C.O.O.L.
Christians Out Of Love~
it's a YFC event by the way. :)

the original date of the said event was December 17, 2011 but it was moved on January 7, 2012. and even if i had more time to practice, i wasn't able to practice. plus i was asked also if i can do the doxology the night before the event and i said Yes to it too. so my two dance became an on-the-spot dance. haha. ;p good thing nothing embarrassing happened during my two dance!

i did the doxology and i used Hillsongs United's LEAD ME TO THE CROSS.
then after several performances and sharings, i danced Bruno Mars' THE LAZY SONG.

it was held at D.Tuazon Elementary School by the way. and i'm glad that they liked my BALLET-VERSION OF THE LAZY SONG. i got tons of compliments and feedback immediately after i got down from the stage. :) thank you everyone! i swear, i appreciate every single one of them! :D

oh and there was a guy who blocked me when i got down from the stage 'cause he wants to have his picture taken with me. so, even if i'm all sweaty, i smiled and said cheese. haha :) thanks kuya! whoever you are! i felt awesome that night! hope i'll be able to see our photos. =)

i'm honored and happy that they appreciate ballet. ^.^
plus these from my fellow YFC-UST members!:


Anyway, i really love being with the YFC especially the YFC-UST. i feel appreciated and loved. there's just something i can't explain but i want to feel it every minute. They're all special in my heart. 
And we all live for God. =))

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